Eko Atlantic City Luxurious Apartments Lease Price

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Lease Price (Furnished)

2-bedroom: $60K – $65K

3-bedroom: $70K – $75K

Penthouse: $85K – $100K

Lease Price (Unfurnished)
2-bedroom: $50K – $55K
3-bedroom: $60K – $65K
4-bedroom: $70K – $75K
Penthouse: $80K – $85K

Service Charge Per Year
2-bedroom: N2,280,000
3-bedroom: N2,340,000
4-bedroom: N2,720,000
Penthouse: N2,720,000

2-bedroom: Includes 1 BQ

3-bedroom: Comes with 1 BQ

4-bedroom: 2 BQs for added space

Penthouse: Offers 1 BQ for your convenience

Car Park Allotted Space

2-bedroom: Park up to 2 cars

3-bedroom: Room for 3 cars

4-bedroom: Space for 4 cars

Penthouse: Enjoy parking for 4 cars

BQ (Boys’ Quarters) Accommodations

2-bedroom: Includes 1 storage room

3-bedroom: Comes with 1 storage room

4-bedroom: 2 storage rooms for your belongings

Penthouse: Offers 1 storage room

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