A one bedroom flat (pay n park in at okun Ajah)
Rent 250k

Clean one bedroom in alabeko/owode
Rent 250k

A brand new mini flat with pop already furnished in Awoyaya.
Rent 250k

Another clean Mini flat in Awoyaya
Rent 250k

Clean mini flats in Graceland estate
Rent ,500/550k

Another sharp miniflat in Budo rent,600/650k

A Brand Mini flat with well fitted kitchen (upstairs) in Ajah
Rent. 350k.

A spacious new miniflat in a good neighborhood in Ajah

New one bedroom apartment in a very nice n secure estate at LBS
Rent. 500/550k.

Brand new miniflat in Sangotedo. Alone in the compound.
Rent. 500k

Spacious one bedroom apartment on Addo road (upstairs)

A clean one bedroom on Addo road.very close the road,(four in a compound)

A standard new one bedroom flat in Sangotedo (pay n park in a nice neighborhood)
Rent. 400k

A miniflat in Thomas ,rent.400k.

A standard mini flat in Majek Sangotedo

Brand new Miniflat with p.o.p in Sangotedo,

A brand new miniflat in an estate on Addo road Ajah.
Rent.500k rent

A brand new Miniflat in Sangotedo immediately after shoprite.
Rent.450/400( up n down available.)

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